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I am freelance or private, I want to receive and make payments.

With the Mercury Cash online wallet you can perform multiple operations in real time: collect, pay, receive, send, transfer and exchange balances using US dollars, bitcoin, ethereum and dash.

You can too:
- Withdraw funds to your bank account.
- Use the wallet on your smartphone with our app (Android / iOS).
- Buy anywhere in the world with our Prepaid Card.
- Show your QR code to receive payments quickly.
- Send payments using only the recipient's email.

The commissions for use are well below those of other wallets and our security systems are of maximum power.

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I do everything on my smartphone, I want a mobile app.

With the Mercury Cash mobile application you can perform 100% of the operations from your smartphone. The control panel is spectacularly intuitive, fresh and very easy to use. It is designed for you to perform any type of transaction in just seconds.

You can also:
- Access custom account statements.
- Display transaction details such as Timestamp, TxHash, exchange rates, commissions and so on.
- Manage your contacts to expedite the process of sending funds.

If you have a physical or online business, you can download our app.

I need speed when charging, I want to bill via email.

If you have a physical or online business, you can automatically and immediately send collection invoices via e-mail or MSN.

How does the payment of electronic invoices in Mercury work?

- Send the electronic invoice to your buyer`s e-mail, either physical or digital.
- The buyer can pay the invoice from his e-mail. He only has to confirm his data and process the payment from his payment gateway.

Ready! Invoice sent and paid in 2 simple steps.

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I have an online business, I want to cash in cryptocurrencies.

Mercury Gate is our solution specially designed for businesses of any kind, whether they work physically or online, useful for: retails, restaurants, hotels, workshops, airlines, e-commerce, dropshipping , freelancers and stop counting.

With Mercury Gate you can:
-Charge in cryptocurrencies with our Point of Sale (POS) for physical stores.
- Integrate our payment button in your online platform.
- Billing electronically via email or MSN (or billing physically).
- Process payroll payments or to international suppliers.
- Manage all your accounting in detail.

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I have a physical store, I want a point of sale.

As a Mercury Gate user, request our Point of Sale (POS) for free to start processing cryptocurrency payments in your physical store or website

The Mercury Gate payment processor has 2 options:
- Charge in cryptocurrencies and keep them protected on our platform.
- Charge in cryptocurrencies and activate automatic conversion to USD, based on market value.

The commissions for use of our POS are to 1%.

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I need to perform high value transactions.

If you want to do any type of cryptocurrency operation worth more than $100,000, then we put at your disposal our Private Exchange Desk (OTC). A VIP platform of maximum security and privacy.

In this type of transactions, our platform secures and guarantees the price of your order to protect your balances against market distortion.

If you wish, we provide you with personalized and real-time assistance during each transaction. We can help you with any questions or requests you may have.

‚ÄčAll your operations are 100% private and invulnerable. Not even the Mercury Cash team can access them.

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