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Welcome to Mercury Cash, a secure space with easy access to your assets, a full Crypto and FIAT account wallet. Financial freedom at your hands.

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Manage your contacts even if they have multiple accounts in multiple currencies.

User Roles

Provide access to employees or partners who can audit or operate your account.

Statements & Letters

Download your statements generated in each account every month, available in PDF, XLS and CSV — Accountant friendly. :)

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With a single login, you can manage businesses in the United States or anywhere in the world using FIAT currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Some Products and Services


Tokenization of financial assets

We use innovation to create new financial products secured by smart contracts that grant the title of ownership of the asset and allowing its division between multiple owners.

  • Tokenization Standard under the ERC-721 concept.
  • Property audited and verified using blockchain technology.
  • Possibility of dividing properties to grant them to multiple owners.

Multinational business compatibleManage your whole business structure or multiple companies from the comfort of one login and password anywhere in the world.
Keeping you NotifiedTrack every transaction that goes in and out of your Mercury Cash account including account changes thanks to real-time push notifications.
Security mattersMercury Cash account is designed with security as priority. Biometric authorization and multi-factor authentication.

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